You Will See A Reverse World….

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe exist inside a system of forces, in the only place that the Creator created – Malchut of Infinity, which is in a completely corrected state (Gmar Tikkun). We are opposite to it and are in concealment behind 125 levels that conceal this true state from us. I do not feel the true state I am in, and because of my sensation I am behind 125 degrees of concealment, filters that lower everything, placing me inside fog and confusion.

I have to remove these concealments and do it in such a way that I will absorb them inside, turning them into revelations. I have to do this with every state, every veil, and every degree.

After going through all of these concealments I became completely opposite to the true state due to the opposition of my inner qualities. Yet, if I take this concealment upon myself and desire to ascend above it with the help of the Light, then all of the concealment transforms to knowledge, sensation, revelation, and attainment.

That is how we advance from total detachment (with the exception of the spiritual spark that awakens in us) until the highest level. However, the concealments do not become revealed to me from within this world. I have to leave this world completely. These concealments become revealed between myself and the Light, or between me and the Creator.

That is why Kabbalists say, “Leave this world alone, don’t correct it! It is not subject to correction!” You have to correct only your attitude to the Upper One, the Creator. You have to turn the disturbance you see between you into revelation. This disturbance is a layer of matter, your ego, separating the two of you. That is why we do not correct this world and, in fact, we do not have to do anything to it. The more you work on your connection with the Creator, the more the Light will shine for you and you will see a different, reverse world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10, The Zohar

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