A One-Way Ticket

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs I take off to the Convention, I leave everything I have in this world at home in order to come to a place of unification, to be born there in a new life. There is no place to run, the ways back are cut off, with no connection to the world. The world does not exist.

We need to prepare for such a state. I plan to spend these days precisely and only in this manner. I don’t think about anything else but this.

At home, at work, at the bank, and at the store, I prepare everything so that I wouldn’t have to think about anything over the course of these three days, as if flying to Mars with a one-way ticket. Nothing is keeping me here anymore; the bridges have been burned.
From the Talk on the Arvut, 10/29/10

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  1. This posting reminded me how necessary it is for me that even when I sit to study, all external conditions intrinsic to making the most of the environment should be attended to, with the same energy as with attending the convention virtually. I was reminded by way of implication that however I register or react to external events, or conditions, the subjective observation is completely unrelated to anything but making use of those perceptions as a challenge to keep the connection, the arvut, in mind as best I can, always remembering to demand help of the Creator, because I can never even begin to conceptualize this unity on my own, let alone make use of it to bestow.

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