Imbued With One Single Field

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is our interconnection like?

Answer: A connection is when I look at you, and you begin to understand what I am thinking of. A connection is when you stand thirty feet behind me, and I feel that you are there with my back.

There are many types of connection between us, many fields where we interact. The electric, magnetic, biochemical field, the field of desires, thoughts, and intentions, all these fields connect us together.

All live bodies create fields around them, and we interconnect with our fields. Sometimes we make contact, and sometimes we can’t. Everything depends on the extent to which our fields correspond to one another.

However, there is a special, powerful, and elevated field: the spiritual connection between us. This field embraces and encompasses everything else, and this is why it is called the “Creator.” This is the field we need to reveal, but, essentially, all the fields belong to a single, universal field that Einstein also wanted to discover.

It connects our thoughts and desires, and we influence one another through it. Once I concentrate on this possibility, once I desire to reveal our interconnection, I will discover our mutual influence and will use it for the universal interconnection.
From the Talk on the Arvut 10/29/10

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  1. I am a new student at KabU in the USA. This is a question not a comment.
    Since I was a teenager, I discovered that there was a force connecting me to others around me. But, I also discovered when I felt a sense of love and connection to someone around me and felt joy and closeness (similar to the concept of Equivalence of Form) I recognized at that moment that the person had the exact opposite sense which was rejection and dislike. At times, I felt that I had to consciously push them out (Rejecting them) on order for them feel that sense of connection that I felt. However, by consciously choosing to reject them, I automatically ruined the connection. It is like always one side must feel the warm light and other the cold shadow. Somehow, if I wanted the connection to occur, I ended up choosing the shadow cold and let them enjoy the warm light, but is hard to do and I end up moving away. If I took that joy, I risk ending the connection because they are NOT capable of sticking around while experiencing the coldness of the shadow. It seems like it is always the opposite of what I feel. It is a catch 22, I feel the connection but in order to stay around it, I have to take rejected (painful side) of it if I wanted to keep it. 50 years later, I still feel these fields of connections only to consciously choose the painful side to allow the other to enjoy. My question is: Am I wrong in perceiving this? If not, how I can correct these connections to be joyful to both and NOT having to choose who is going take the shadow side and allow the other to enjoy the light? Are these feeling of connection part of the “Kli” or are they part of the spiritual world? Are they deceptions, or are they real?

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