Three Reference Points Before The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanBefore the Convention, we should concentrate on the following three things:

1. We are confident in the fact that we exist in a good, powerful, and correct environment, and that we are revealing the path to mutual unity and mutual bestowal.

2. We concentrate our power of thought on seeking out the connection between us.

3. We are happy with our exclusiveness, glad for this special state and status that we have achieved.

Such conventions have not yet occurred. We all feel this by the intensity, pressure, and pleasant trepidation that permeate each of us. And all this comes from Above. It is great help from Above showing us that we should try to add something to it that we still lack, namely:

a. Joy and fulfillment of a spiritual ascent,
b. Confidence in achieving the goal, and
c. Inner effort.

I need to unite with the friends into a single network in order to reveal the mutual force called “the Creator” between us. Our whole work, all serious analysis is conducted inside every person, while on the outside we should radiate joy, ease, and confidence. There should be laughter on the outside and a burning flame deep within.
From the Talk on the Arvut 10/29/10

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