Gravitating To Oneness

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything in the world is based on the interaction of two forces: attraction and rejection. All matter is subject to them, be it galaxies or atoms. This is how two spiritual forces, the Light and Kli (vessel) manifest at our plane.

The Creator’s nature is the force of bestowal, and the nature of the created being is the force of reception. The purpose of creation is to obtain the force of the Creator and attain the state of His being. This determines the entire program: the order of evolution and all its stages.

The Creator created us “without asking” and equipped us with a sole desire to receive. A spark of desire to bestow plugs into it, and this arranges a chain of states from which we understand what the Creator wants from us. As a result, the created being consciously joins in the process and promotes its development.

When a spark of the second force awakens in me, I start comprehending for the first time what is going on, and I start thinking and asking questions. The awakened point in my heart is the Creator in me. It gives me an opportunity to be independent: Being between two desires, I compare them and look for a chance to be born so that I myself can operate these two forces on my way to the goal.

I obtain free will, and now I ponder the purpose of my life, not how well it satisfies my egoism. And that is the moment when into the field of my consciousness steps the force of connection between the parts of creation. The point flickering within me begins leading me to unity.

Subconsciously, not knowing why, people with the point in the heart gravitate to seeing the world as integral. Without falling into mysticism and popular new age trends, they want to see and comprehend the common system of interrelations of all parts of reality.

This unified connection they are seeking is the spiritual life. Integral interaction of cells and organs gives birth to the common body, and it experiences itself as living to the extent that its parts are connected.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/10, The Writings of Rabash

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