Aspire And You Will Attain!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Chapter BeShalach (When Pharaoh Sent), Item 212: At the time when he came out to descend to the land, to clothe in a body from the seed of Levi, 425 candles were established for the king, Zeir Anpin, and 425 appointed engravings accompanied that spirit of Moses to his place. When he came out to the world, the Hey, Divinity, illuminated before him and the house was filled by her effulgence.

I am reading The Zohar and don’t understand a word. Maybe I don’t know Hebrew; and even if I know the words, I don’t know what they are describing. Even if I know the quotations of the Kabbalists, how do I know what they are talking about? They describe an absolutely different reality of about which we have no idea.

Reading The Zohar, we know nothing. We just wish for everything that we read in this Book to manifest within us. The authors of The Book of Zohar Kabbalists Rabbi Shimon and his pupils unfolded such a strong, correct connection between themselves that they attained experience of the World of Infinity. They described in this Book what they came to know, like a traveler who describes everything he feels and sees around him.

This is the way Kabbalists write about the Upper World; and they don’t experience any difficulty in doing so because they reside in it. There aren’t any tricks to it. The wisdom (Hochma) of Kabbalah is the Light of Hochma, clothed in the Light of Hassadim. It is vision, observation. So, too, must we aspire to this, and then we will comprehend what The Book of Zohar is narrating. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to be smart and educated; but it is necessary to yearn to change in order to feel what Rabbi Shimon transmitted to us.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/10, The Zohar

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