Kabbalah And Earnings

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are asking a question on behalf of a friend; this question bothers him a lot. Can he charge people money for blessings in order to help them with difficult situations in life? He also proposes doing this as a part of our local group work because he believes this to be dissemination and a way to attract new people to Kabbalah.

He has money problems, so he’s facing a choice between taking a risky job or trying to make money by giving people blessings. This question confused us so we are turning to you to avoid making a mistake.

Answer: It is absolutely forbidden to use Kabbalah to make money, especially by cheating people, and if a member of the group is found to be doing this, then you must immediately expel him from the group. Never use Kabbalah to make money. It completely excludes a person from the spiritual path. Do not do blessings of any kind; they are a lie!

Only the desires of the group and selfless thoughts about a friend can help him. It is forbidden to use Kabbalah to make money! It is the same with curses like Pulsa DeNura, as if someone could actually hurt another person using such things. These miracles do not exist!

We can only aspire towards the Light, the force of love and bestowal, which is the only positive force in the world. This force is our only opportunity to actually do something in the world. It is the only freedom of will that exists.

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  1. Where you say above “Do not do blessings of any kind” from the article “Kabbalah And Earnings”, Does this also include blessings over wine, bread, lulav, etc… ? Please also email me this answer.

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