Through A Needle’s Eye And Into A New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything comes as a result of effort. Don’t wait for something to change by itself. Only through our effort to unite do we draw the Light onto us. The greater the effort, the stronger the Light’s influence, and vice versa. The Light remains at absolute rest, and only when we aspire toward unity together do we compel Him to unify us.

We draw closer to one another, and in so doing draw closer to the Light. As we distance from each other, we distance from the Light. But our efforts are never wasted, and “penny by penny it accumulates into a big capital.” Every time we try to unite, the Light influences us, and even if we distance from one another right afterward, the correction done by the Light remains, nothing is wasted, and we move on to the next one.

These processes of “compressions” and “expansions” are like input-output or like the beating of the heart. We unite, the Light influences us, corrects our connection and immediately evokes the next uncorrected degree. Again we must exert efforts, giving the Light the opportunity to unite us once more, and again the correction brings about the next uncorrected state. And so on, until all 125 corrections are completed.

Each time I rise above my uncorrected desire and then bring it up for correction. The first step is when my point in the heart crosses the Machsom. Then it pulls a part of the desire over the Machsom, the part which it can be above (faith above reason, Bina above Malchut). And so on, until I gradually carry over the Machsom all of my desire, part by part, to be above it, having acquired the qualities of bestowal above reception. It is the degree of Hafetz Hesed or Bina, bestowal for the sake of bestowal. Now my errors have turned to merits and my sins to errors.

Then I move on to the next phase: Through a tiny hole in the next barrier I break through into the domain of love of others. My point in the heart is the first to do it, and then all the parts of my desire are carried over to this degree. To the extent that I can use them for the sake of love (fulfillment) of others, I transform the ego into the desire to receive for the Creator’s sake.

Every time we work with our ego toward greater unity by drawing the Light through our striving for equivalence of form. I desire, and the Creator responds to my desire, carrying out all the actions.
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From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/10, “600 000 Souls”

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