When Spirituality Becomes Our Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIntroduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot, Item 3: This sensing force in the Animate is very limited in time and space, since the sensation does not operate at even the shortest distance outside its body. Also, it does not feel anything outside its own time, meaning in the past or in the future, but only at the present moment.

Atop them is the Speaking, consisting of an emotional force and an intellectual force together. For this reason, its power is unlimited by time and space… .

This is so because of its science, which is a spiritual matter, unlimited by time and place. One can teach others wherever they are in the whole of reality, and in the past and the future throughout the generations.

In reading these books, we are amazed by the immense wisdom of the Kabbalists who wrote them. They can write thousands of stories for us about the spiritual world since this world is open for them. They simply tell us what they see.

A Kabbalist sees the world from stem to stern; he sees all of its inner forces and connections. He takes some section of it and begins to explain it to us. Every one of his descriptions reflects unimaginable wisdom and is an amazing discovery for us. We are amazed at how he could know about these things. However, he doesn’t require special intelligence for this; he simply sees this picture in front of him because he has changed his nature.

Therefore, if we think that we will be able to attain what is written by using our brains, by systematically arranging everything in our minds, this is a big mistake. This will not help us. We need to rise to a spiritual level, and then what Kabbalists talk about will become a part of our lives. We will understand naturally that things are just as the Kabbalists described and they cannot be otherwise.

We read the articles and books in order to draw the Light that Reforms. And when we return to the Source, all these concepts will “enter” into us and become obvious for us. They will occur within our spiritual body.

Thus, we shouldn’t despair that we can’t grasp all this material with our minds. We need to desire inner change so that all this becomes our own nature and then no words will be required! Just like it is natural to me to see rocks, plants, animals, and people around me, I will see all of spiritual reality just as clearly. When the spiritual world will be revealed to me, it will cease to be a “science” for me; it will just become my life.

Don’t worry, no one will test us on this knowledge and demand us to memorize it. This will not help anyway. Let nothing remain in our heads from what we read; holding one intention is all that matters. The rest is not important, even if I forget what I had learned one second before. It is essential to never forget about the goal and the right attitude to the studies.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/27/10, Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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