What Is A True Prayer Of The Society?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: What can I ask for society?

My Answer: If the question is posed fundamentally, then it is incorrect to even think that there is a society and that I have to ask for something for its sake. The problem is not lack of food or health. The Creator has an abundance of all of these things and everything comes from Him. What we have to correct is the breaking. We have to attain equivalence of form with Him, and then we will have everything! But if we don’t ask for the most important thing, the reason we are here, then we also won’t have the means to sustain our existence.

The sensation of all suffering, from the most insignificant to the global, comes to us only in order to bring us to the right request. The reason for all ills is the breaking of the common soul into particular souls that hate each other, and therefore, the true prayer of society lies in desiring to unite with everyone. It is when everyone desires to become as one man with one heart once again in order for the law of mutual guarantee to influence us in complete equality and brotherhood.

This should not happen like the Communists did for the sake of a better life in this world, but for the sake of unity with the Creator above our world. Then the Creator, the Upper Light will correct our egoism and hatred by transforming it to bestowal and love. It will unite us all, the desires of the soul, into one aspiration to become equal to the Creator.

By making this correction we revoke the ego that separates us and become equal to Him and unified like Him. All of us together become a vessel that He fills, just as in the beginning of creation in Malchut of the World of Infinity.

That is the prayer of the society.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 7/13/10, “The Importance of the Prayer of the Many”

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  1. i have a question. Or rather, it is my current trouble. I have a desire to seek Truth, and it has been my ongoing passion for many years. However, I never feel that I am able to talk about these things with many of the people around me (friends, co-workers, and even family). I find it very hard to reveal this part of me–the part that is spiritual and deep– and at the same time, I don’t feel that I could fit in with people when I talk about these things. How can i be myself with others and still feel that they will enjoy my company?

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