The System Of The Future, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: There are Internet systems where one comes to download the information they need. Maybe that is how we should attract people’s attention to the method of correction?

My Answer: Let’s say a person visits our site and downloads the information. Then what? We want him to visit the site for the sake of communication! Of course, we can display a certain pool of information about the necessity to communicate with each other. But then what will happen? Suppose we provided our user with additional information about what we learn at the lessons. What’s next?

What is the best way of providing people with information about Kabbalah? We have to involve them in the system and offer them an example of, the need for, and the possibility of communication. People should see that our way of solving worldly problems is all about making the right connections between us. We have to show our users that we trigger confidence, safety, and love into our lives; they have to see the way we advance and find new properties within ourselves that further allow our perception to rise to a new dimension, up to the level of sensing the Creator.

Where else can these properties be found? They are found only within the right communication among us.

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