The Origin Of My Spiritual Genes

Dr. Michael LaitmanPart 7 of The Study of the Ten Sefirot by Baal HaSulam talks about the descent of the worlds from Above downwards and their breaking. We have to know this in order to comprehend the nature of things and thereby understand how to ascend by preparing ourselves for this elevation with small corrections and indirect, additional actions.

Each of our small actions is the foundation for a greater one in the future. During the descent of the worlds, an immense breaking gave birth to countless minor actions. And now, while ascending from below upwards, we are performing numerous little actions, which give raise to one great act of correction. In this way, the small corrections merge into one final completely corrected state: Gmar Tikkun.

Undoubtedly, we study mainly to draw the Light that Reforms. Still, we have to be somewhat aware of the processes that occur in spirituality. We study the breaking of the worlds in such detail in order to justify it and understand why it was necessary.

Thanks to the breaking, we are “down” in this world, but we have all the needed information (Reshimot) to ascend and attain our complete correction. We only lack the Upper Light that would gather together all of this data and connect it with our matter (desire) and realize one upon the other.

Reshimot are something similar to a computer program. If I were to install some software on my computer, it would arrange the content in a way that the program dictates, taking on the form of the program itself. Reshimot work exactly like that. I have to “sew” (actualize) each new Reshimo on my matter so that the matter would “formatted,”  “organized,” "systematized," and "sculpted" into a specific form by it.

I have an informational gene (Reshimo); matter (desire) is also being revealed. My task is to lay one over the other and arrange them correctly, which is done by the Surrounding Light. In other words, we have two necessary elements, only the third one is missing: the force of the Creator.

This 7th part of TES (Talmud Eser SefiortThe Study of the Ten Sefirot) talks about the breaking of the worlds, explains where the informational genes came from, and helps us to sense our essence.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/10, TES

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