The Fear Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Article “Purpose of Society (1)”: “…the whole world was created for the fear of God.”

There is an exalted goal, which we do not perceive in our egoistic sensations, in the aspiration to absorb everything “into me.” The exit “from me” into concern for “outside of me” is called spiritual fear (Yirat Hashem).

Currently I am worried about how to fill and protect myself, which is called fear about oneself. Subconsciously we are constantly concerned with attracting that which is beneficial to ourselves and distancing what is harmful to us, our egoism. In contrast, spiritual fear means that I experience fear about what exists outside of me. I am worried about others, about the Creator, like a mother worries about her little child, thinking about him and identifying with him all the time.

In this fear and concern for the neighbor, outside of the self (one’s egoism), I feel the Upper reality.

From Mega Congress Lesson 1, 7/23/10

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