Spiritual Assembly Line

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Worlds of ABYA, through which we ascend upward like a ladder, emerge in a manner that the upper spiritual object (Partzuf) selects the “lightest” (those least damaged during the breaking) Reshimot (informational records). The upper Partzuf thereby corrects these Reshimot, giving birth to the next lower spiritual object. Similarly, at some level I choose Reshimot that I’m now able to correct, and they become my new reality, my world. It is like putting on a sharper pair of glasses, where I begin seeing a lower layer of these informational records.

The Light from Above begins to reach not only my lightest Reshimo, but because I have already realized it and created my new spiritual Partzuf according to its data, then through it, the Light begins to penetrate deeper, into the records of the next Partzuf. Thus, layer after layer the desire becomes fit to receive the influence of the Upper Light. The upper Partzuf constructed at the previous level serves as a lens, a magnifying glass that focuses the Light on the lower layer of informational records.

The records of one layer are selected and serve as the foundation for the spiritual Partzuf;  through it the Light transmits more deeply and opens informational records related to the next lower spiritual Partzuf. Hence each time, the formation of the upper spiritual Partzuf gives the Upper Light an opportunity to adapt to the lower layer of the will to receive, thereby coming in contact with it. Until then, they simply don’t perceive each other since they are too distant from one another in their attributes.

However, the upper Partzuf that is emerging becomes an adapter between the Upper Light and the informational data located in the next lower layer. Thus degree after degree, the correction takes place. Everyone who finishes a correction passes the entire package of Reshimot on to the next spiritual object selected, separating out that particular record. And after having completed one’s correction, whatever is left to correct is passed one step further.

This is how we should perform our work in spirituality: We select the lightest Reshimo-desire and work with it. As for the rest, we shouldn’t worry because it will become revealed later.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/29/10, “Preface to the Sulam Commentary

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