Seven Billion Worlds Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a consequence of our spiritual work, we should reach a state in which 1) We all desire to reach the same goal and 2) We all are united. However, we unite not because this is our initial state that comes from Above, but because it is our common goal.

In a best case scenario, when we correct something in our world, we return the object to its former state. However, when we correct the broken connections with other souls, we acquire much more than we had prior to the breaking of the common soul. This is due to the fact that we reveal and endow independence to every part outside of ourselves.

Within my egoism, I relate to everyone as though they have no independence and they all should service me. As I begin to love them, I wish to relate to them like every one of them is great, independent, and special. This is also how we want to see our children. Then each of the friends that surrounds me suddenly becomes a possessor of freedom of choice; each of them takes his place and level. And then, when we unite and I adjoin all these friends to myself, it turns out that each of them has grown and become just as great as me.

As a result, I do not re-adjoin the same seven billion parts to myself; rather, seven billion worlds of infinity unite into one. This means that I increase the scope of my spiritual vessel (Kli) by 620 times. However, all this works only in relation to me. After all, everything exists within me and depends only on the extent to which I relate to my friends in the right manner every time. I do it only in order to increase my Kli, to make it worthy of the Creator’s revelation.

Therefore, I see them in a three-fold way:

1. As higher than me, so that they would be great in my eyes,
2. As lower than me, in order to bestow to them,
3. As equal to me, in order to unite with them.

Then I acquire a huge, powerful Kli called my true soul. It becomes several billion times bigger than it was prior to the correction. After all, before the correction, I was in the World of Infinity as one point. Now I return to it with a “620” (Tarach) times greater sensation of perfection and eternity. The difference between these two states is like the difference between a drop of semen and a grown-up person who attains everything.

From Mega Congress Lesson 5, 7/25/10

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  1. “However, when we correct the broken connections with other souls, we acquire much more than we had prior to the breaking of the common soul. ”

    is this true or is this again something from the group reading my mind, my all life long? it is a kind act from them? that it is now written here? 🙂 because I was always thinking that this was one of (my)theories about god. God, being all that there is, wanted to be more and it made a way to do this and thus it put itself into pieces..when the time comes and when it collects those pieces back together, perhaps it would now equal something like eternity+1
    But I am not sure 🙂 I used to tell about this to my friends when we talked about god. But I think the circle of life and the group is making me talk about these things and relate to details in the the blog to make feel comfortable about my situations or perhaps it wasnt my idea at all. perhaps I dreamt of it and mistook it as mine.

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