Knocking On The Creator’s Door

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to reach love, we first need to achieve fear of the Creator. The first stage that we need to undergo in this process occurs on the level of a simple action, as it is written: “We shall do, and we shall hear!” (“Naase ve Nishma”).

In our world, we worry about our close ones since our well-being depends on them. However, we do not experience this natural concern in regard to the society and the Creator. Thus, we need to exert much effort in order to create the beginning of such fear in us.

We put in a great deal of effort in the group in order to unite. We read and hear a lot about the broken system of connection among us, which was purposely destroyed by the Creator so that we would aspire to recreate it. We try to behave like we love each other, like we need each other. These attempts are, in fact, practical actions despite the fact that it is a game, superficial behavior. But in the beginning we need to “do” and then we will “hear”! To “hear” is the second part that depends on the Upper Light, the Creator.

If we exert a sufficient amount of effort, the Light reveals this opportunity to us: It opens the entrance in our hearts called “the entrance for those who knock at the Creator’s door” (Petach Le Dofkim Bi Tshuva). And then we begin to sense the desire for bestowal, the opening in the heart through which we feel concern for others, like mother Bina does about her children. We become this mother Bina in relation to the whole system of souls with which we need to unite in order to give to them. I adjoin the Creator to myself in order to give to Him also. I bestow and thus become seemingly above Him.

We only lack this trepidation. Once we obtain it, we begin to understand how this attitude evolves into love.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/10, Article, “You Stand Today, All of You”

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