I Came, But No One Was There!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf people are not united with one another, then the Creator does not see them. It’s as if they don’t exist, even if it is all of humanity.

The Creator does not see each person individually, separate from others. He only sees the connections among people, and He only considers the quantity and might of these connections. That is why the Creator said, "I came, but no one was there!"

The same thing is true inside us: Our decisions do not arise inside the actual neurons of the brain, but upon the connections between the neurons – in the synapses (a synapse being the place where two neurons make contact).

It is precisely these contacts, connections, and chains of connections in our brain that constitute the basis of our thinking, the "human being" in us. That is to say, a person’s essence is not present in the actual elements of his system, but in the connections between the elements.

However, the outcome of these connections is found elsewhere: It is not present in the actual matter, but towers above it. It lies on a different, higher level of reality.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/1/10, Article ”You Are Now Standing All of You Today”

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  1. Please, only 4 questions.

    “The Creator does not see each person individually…”
    How do you know this? how do you know what sees and does not see?

    “He only sees the…” and here “only” are you limiting?
    and he is omnipotent…
    should we say: he sees all or everything? even the one single connection of two neurons, out of millions…
    Thank you.
    David R.

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