From Illusory Freedom To The Truth

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Wherein lies my freedom? I always choose what’s best for me anyway. And if I don’t want to, suffering will force me back to the path of Light, correct?

My Answer: We exist below the dividing line called the Machsom; this is the border separating us from the spiritual world. This corporeal world is located beneath it, and above it, there is the spiritual world. Here, in our world, we live like animals, meaning that we are motivated by our instincts one hundred percent. Biologists, physiologists, geneticists, and physicians confirm this, concluding that a human being is totally programmed and controlled by internal and external systems.

So where does the desire come from? Does it come from emptiness accidentally? It only seems to us that life is governed by the rule of chance because we don’t see the source of and the reason for what happens in life.

Yet, we discover that nature is a closed system. The more we explore it, the more we become convinced that nature is global, and that we are its integral part. Nothing can escape the power of this common law called “nature.” In its Gematria (a numerical value of a word), the word “nature” is equivalent to the word “Creator.” Nature is the law, and by exploring it, we see that all laws are interconnected, precise, and invariable, which leaves us no freedom of choice.

If we look at the complete picture of nature, its whole sphere, we will see that it is governed by a singular law. We constantly make mistakes because we think we are above nature. So instead of studying its laws and following them, we keep trying to reform nature to fit our desires. Hence, our life is a strand of failures. The human ego is the only defect in the entire reality, and it is the cause of corruption to everything else.

However, along with our world, there awakens within us a tiny desire for spirituality called the point in the heart. If we follow this point and go beyond the parameters of this world, we enter the world governed by the Upper laws. All laws, in this and the Upper Worlds, are called the Creator or nature.

In other words, we are governed by the laws, as Above, so below. However, by ascending from one type of laws to the other, we perform the act of free will. We are not free to be above nature’s laws, but we choose in what nature we wish to exist, meaning that we can switch from the path of suffering to the path of Light. We are not free to refuse, yet we do have a choice to agree and see life as good or disagree and suffer.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/10, Shamati #38

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  1. I agree 100% percent! Great outlook, thank you 🙂

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