Catching The Right Wave

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat device can help me connect to the carrier wave that comes from the Creator? Should I sensitize my “antenna” to His transmitter?

Connecting to the Creator’s frequency can be done only through the group. Without the group, I will have no contact with His wavelength of bestowal. I have to place myself within the correct range of frequencies. This can only be found among friends in the group where this carrier wave is transmitted. As soon as I step out of the range of the group, I stop receiving any waves; the same occurs in the corporeal world when I step out of the zone of my cell phone’s signal reception.

What is the Creator transmitting to me at this frequency? He sends me fulfillment of my soul. There is a main carrier wave (the frequency of bestowal) which is necessary solely for me to attain similarity to the Creator. Attached to the main wave length is a minor wave which carries the fulfillment of my soul; it is a signal that brings me intelligence and perception, an understanding of His plan, as well as the skill and the strength to carry out His intention.

I need two frequencies in order to attain bestowal followed by fulfillment, a pipe within a pipe, both the Light of Hassadim and the Light of Hochma. If only one Light came in, it would annul my will to receive. But if I yearn solely for bestowal, the Creator can fill me without limitation. Only under this condition can a spiritual vessel open for infinite reception of Light.

The carrier wave is the Light of Hassadim; the accompanying wave (the “valid signal”) is the Light of Hochma. The transmission range is provided by the group. If I step out of it, I will stop receiving spiritual frequencies because I alone cannot tune into bestowal, try as I might. I must enter the place where such bestowal resides.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/8/10, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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