Actions Lead To Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I check my intention so that I am not lying to myself and I am doing everything possible for my advancement?

Answer: When a person begins his spiritual development, he only has an intention “for myself.” Only under the influence of an invisible Upper Light does he begin to feel a change in himself in that his intention becomes “for the sake of others.” In order for this to happen, a person needs to perform the actions that he is capable of performing, namely to 1) Unite in the group to the point of reaching a state of a mutual guarantee, as one man with one heart, and 2) Study Kabbalah together.

Kabbalists advise us to perform these two actions. This is called “half a shekel” which we need to put in. The other half will be given by the Creator.

We should invest, invest, and invest in the studies, unification, and dissemination. First, there should be the action, and no one can argue whether it did or did not happen. It is seen clearly, and it is within your power. Make a list of your actions (not necessarily the physical ones) that you have done that have transferred from your desire to the neighbor. You direct your actions to the group or to the Creator. By turning your actions toward them, you invest in them.

This is much like adopting a child where you invest in him, and he becomes closer to you than your own child. You don’t invest as much into your own child since you know that there is a natural connection between you anyway. However, you invest more in an adopted child because you are afraid that your connection is not strong enough. You wish to connect yourself to the child and to have him be connected to you.

Thus, adopted children become more dear to us than our own. This is because there is fear within that he isn’t really mine, and there is more that I could add or do. Maybe I am not treating him right or maybe he won’t treat me like I am his father. We see how important this inner fear is in order to use it as a foundation for revealing love.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/22/10, Article, “You Stand Today, All of You”

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