A Driver’s License For Controlling Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanEvery person is the Creator’s worker although he doesn’t know or feel this. Suppose your “car” has an engine which causes it to move forward. Actually, it is the Creator who moves it by propelling you with suffering from behind and luring you with pleasure ahead. Therefore, your “car” rolls on whether you want it to or not, as it runs away from suffering and in the direction of pleasure.

However, there comes a time when you get a “Jeep” which the Creator does not move. You need to ask Him yourself to start your engine. And when you receive a force from Him, you can move from your spot only to the extent that you ask Him. In other words, you and He work like partners.

A Driver's Lincense
Initially you did not know where you were going, why, or for what purpose. You simply rolled forward without thinking about it. You lived many lives in this unconscious manner. You moved forward, but only like an animal that runs away from blows. It is written that such a life is an animal-like existence, meaning that you don’t know where your desires come from and why you act the way you do. All people live this way, for now.

However, then you receive the point in the heart and a connection emerges with the Leader. You begin to consciously ask Him to advance you. You now wish to learn the path and reach the goal instead of just getting rid of suffering and receiving pleasure. It is truth that interests you now. This goal is not connected to pleasure; what matters is that it is the truth. For the time being, you are set into motion by a lie. Therefore, you ask to be given the force of the Light so that you could advance to the truth in spite of your sensations.

A person comes to study, thereby leaving the advancement from “bitter to sweet” and enters the movement from “falsehood to truth.” In spite of his sensations, he moves from the considerations of feelings to considerations of the mind.

However, time is required until he “starts the car and it begins to move.” He also needs to pass the “test” and get a “driver’s license.” This is called “the period of preparation” which lasts until you are finally able to sit in the car and go.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/10, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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