The Condition For Escaping Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: How do I combine the following dual attitude: On one hand, I have to view every one of the friends as greater than me, as the greatest of the generation. But on the other, I need to see them as smaller than me, as though in need of my constant care?

My Answer: I can easily relate this way as I do to my child: He is more important than I am since his desires determine my actions. If he needs anything, I drop everything and do as he asks. Yet, when I tend to him, I relate to him as someone who is smaller than me and cannot do without me. It follows that we can have this dual attitude simultaneously.

It is understood that the common desire is more important than my own. It is the miniature model of the common soul and already contains everything like a holograph.

If I relate to this small group with the law of mutual guarantee (let’s say the group is ten members large), those ten members are the same as ten billion. There is no difference here. Indeed, I need to exit my egoism, so it doesn’t matter whether I do it relative to ten or ten billion people. If in them, I reveal the spiritual world, then who is more important: me or them?

By myself I cannot reveal anything besides this earthly, corporeal life. Whereas in the right connection with the others, I reveal spirituality. Naturally, with respect to the goal, the group becomes more important to me than myself.

I must accept their desire as my own most sacred wish, as a law! This is what allows us to unite. On the other hand, I need to perceive them as smaller than me so as to feel that they need my help and give to them all that I have.

Whenever we’re talking about love and unity, I can regard another both as a small individual and as a great one. There is no contradiction here. It’s much like a baby with respect to an adult, where the baby becomes more important than everybody else. A small child is like the head of the family since the whole family revolves around him.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/10, Article, “Purpose of Society”

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