Stop Living In A Fantasy

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalistic books tell us about our future states that we have to discover within ourselves by ascribing them the names of the spiritual worlds, Sefirot, and Partzufim. By combing our desires to achieve this, we will create a demand for correction that will draw the reaction of the Light. It will add the intention of bestowal to our desire, and we will start perceiving what the Kabbalists describe to us.

All these future states that we wish to attain and sense – AB, SAG, Abba ve Ima, Zivugim, and Partzufim – relate only to the connection between us, that is, to various types of bestowal. This connection begins at the level of this world (this is what our current connection is called) and extending over the steps of the spiritual worlds, reaches the connection called Infinity (limitless connection among everybody).

Infinity means the absence of boundaries when all souls are corrected to such a degree that they unite as one whole. Although we’re not in this state yet, it should be our immediate goal. We should aspire to be as “one man with one heart” and anticipate it happening.

It’s very important to transition from the external perception to the internal one where all the worlds and everything that there is exist within a person. We don’t understand what “within a person” means, so we imagine geometrical space, but we should constantly work on the correct picture. In the beginning of the path, a person imagines his inner work, spirituality, and the group in a very peculiar way. However, as he advances, he should assure that all the pictures, forms, approaches, transformations, and the goal itself align themselves into a single point. Besides this point, there isn’t any other space.

Thus, you begin to imagine everything only in the point of your perception, and thereby return to the point of creation, “Yesh Mi Ain” (existence from absence). This is not a fantasy. In fact, now we are constantly living in a fantasy for everybody exists in his own imaginary world.

From the Talk about a New Internet 6/4/10

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