Infinity Is Boundless Unification

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to perceive reality correctly we need to bring together all the forms that are revealed to us. Only a person’s inner world exists. Infinity is not infinite distances; it is boundless unification! At a certain point a barrier emerges in this World of Infinity, determining how close you can be to me. That is, within this Infinity, an egoistic desire is revealed and it creates a distance between different parts.

This distance between desires, between the ego is imaginary. And as a result, the worlds begin to be spread from Infinity downward, meaning that a sensation of distance between different parts emerges in the same place. This is called a descent of the worlds or intensification of the concealment among us.

After all, this distance is not physical but sensory. We need to transition to a more internal perception. We should realize that I can be physically close to or distant from certain people while feeling that they are either close to or distant from me; one factor is completely independent of the other. In spirituality, this imaginary world of distances does not exist, only feelings do. We measure sensory perception in Sefirot, Partzufim, and the worlds according to equivalence of properties between spiritual objects or desires.

On the one hand, certainly there are differences between desires as they are each different. But on the other, they are similar to each other since they strive to be together regardless of their unchanging natural differences. Only this “distance” is measured in spirituality, and it is only this “closeness” in intention that we aspire to achieve.

Despite the differences among our initial desires that are so infinitely distanced from each other, through the screen and the Reflected Light (mutual bestowal), we will achieve a common aspiration to become close. We will reach sensory unification which will be infinite and devoid of any boundaries. In our desires we will feel infinite, physical distance so to say, while in our sensory aspiration to be together, we will step over this boundary and feel our infinite, boundless unification where we all exist in one point.

These two forms of measurement should coexist together and provide intensity to our unification and adhesion. One form is the infinite distance that separates our desires which are opposite to each other, while the other one is endless, boundless unification of everyone, in one point in a common intention and aspiration.

From the Talk about a New Internet 6/4/10

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