Questions About Machsom, Self-Discipline, And Romantic Past

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a Kabbalist determine who’s going to cross the Machsom (barrier to spirituality) and who is not? Can this be determined based on a student’s body language or by “seeing” his desire?

My Answer: Everyone is ready to cross the Machsom and has freedom of will in this regard: either to cross on their own and quickly or under pressure and slowly.

What is self-discipline according to Kabbalah?

My Answer: To aim every single minute of one’s time toward drawing closer to the Creator in one’s properties.

You mentioned that doubt (temptation) follows a person around because of unfulfilled desire. What if one is constantly haunted by a partner’s romantic past and their own lack of one? What does this mean and is it possible to resolve?

My Answer: The studies will put everything into balance and provide the right attitude to the eternal spirituality and the transient corporeality.

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