Why Is The Grass Always Greener On The Other Side?

Laitman_718_02We always have an impression from a desire (Reshimo de Aviut) and from the Light (Reshimo de Hitlabshut), which don’t match each other. We feel that we can receive a bigger Light than we currently accommodate, and it’s actually good! All of our properties – jealousy, ambition, aspiration toward power and honor – stem from this.

If I am a sensing “cell” that feels the desire for something definite ("A," the Reshimo de Aviut), I see around me only what relates to “A.” If I have an additional data ("B," the Reshimo de Hitlabshut), within me, I observe something related to “B.”

Grass is Alwyas Greener

The discrepancy or difference between the Reshimot (informational records) of the desire and those of the Light (pleasure) makes me see “my neighbor’s grass” as being greener than my own. In other words, I have the ability to envy, understand more, compare myself with the others, and recognize that there is somebody who is greater than I am. This ability to perceive and acknowledge new additional levels is a human property.

This divergence triggers our development. There is no such discrepancy in the Reshimot of the still, vegetative, or animate levels. Only man possesses this quality because of his special spiritual form.

From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/30/10, Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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