Clearing The Skies After The Volcano: Is Complete Union In The Forecast?

Laitman_715In the News (From The European Union and the continent’s air traffic agency want to move fast to abolish Europe’s fragmented national airspaces which they say exacerbated the unprecedented air travel disruptions that grounded over 100,000 flights because of volcanic ash last week.

Industry representatives, regulators, and analysts all predict that the most important result of the post-mortem meetings starting this week will be a move toward a unified airspace at the expense of nations still seeking to jealously guard the sky as a symbol of national sovereignty.

My Comment: The crisis has made the Europeans realize that they have to embark on greater integration and forgo their sovereignty. Otherwise, the incomplete integration results in negative counter-connection.

Europeans have to complete the unification process through to its end and form a unified government. If not, centrifugal forces will rip the “EB” (European Bazaar) apart, right up to a vicious war.

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