The Spiritual Root Of Spreading The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

Laitman_514_03Question: What is the spiritual root of dissemination and why is it so important?

My Answer: The root of dissemination, spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah, lies in the connection among souls. After the breaking of the vessels and separation due to mutual egoism, the souls have to reunite. It’s a “puzzle” that we have to reassemble; this is how we will come to know the Creator of the common soul.

Question: Why do religions and other beliefs also want to disseminate?

My Answer: They all want to spread their influence and strength; they want to be stronger, more powerful and rich, and to absorb more followers from other belief systems. It is a natural egoistic desire of any teaching.

Question: Then what is the difference between Kabbalah and egoistic teachings?

My Answer: We don’t recruit anyone. We don’t need to. We pursue only one goal: that a person will know the purpose of his existence and the way to make his life good, eternal, and perfect. That’s it! What would you call such a person? He wouldn’t be called anything, neither a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim, nor a follower of anyone or anything. He simply will be kind and loving to everybody.

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