The Mother Will Come And Feed Her Child

A question I received: Do we have to know what our personal function is in the general system in order to perform it correctly?

My Answer: You don’t recognize your function yet, but you will get to know it in the course of time. As you advance and act with a greater awareness, together with the others, your connection with them, your function, and the way the whole system influences you will become clearer for you.

You will reveal a lucid, multilayered world. Besides what you already discern in it, you’ll disclose its depth; you will distinguish active forces and learn how to trigger them. The air will suddenly become “compressed” as if filled with multiple forces, but you will know how to operate them.

You will be like a little child who discovers a new world filled with many interesting things: He can open, close, and manipulate them, and he sees they are all interconnected. Slowly, he gets a better grasp of this world. At the time of his birth, the child is not aware of anything around him, nor can he see or hear. After a while he starts to hear, see, and taste. The same happens to us in the spiritual world.

What you do at this time is called a “miraculous force” (Segula). You activate the system without knowing how you do it. Similarly, an infant screams and has no clue about his surroundings. But his scream concerns his mother and prompts her to take care of him.

Similarly, our desire, just like an infant’s scream, can affect the Upper Mother (Ima Ilaa), Bina (it is also called Ima – mother) and then she will take care of us. We don’t have to know anything else, similar to when we were little and didn’t know what exactly we are supposed to demand. We didn’t explain to our mother which bottle she had to get out of the refrigerator and to which temperature it had to be heated. We simply screamed! The same happens in spirituality.

Later on our screams become more mindful and we start demanding and striving at something more concrete. We build relations with the Upper One and gradually develop them further and further.

Lecture on Lag BaOmer 5/1/2010

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  1. Would it be a big mistake to scream and ask in the direction from where the last proof of an existence came? Do not abandoned children do so?

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