Love That Turns Reception Into Bestowal

Laitman_166A question I received: It is written that the pleasure is in the attainment of the Creator’s properties. It follows that we derive pleasure from receiving?

My Answer: The pleasure is in becoming like the Creator. The action itself – reception or bestowal – does not matter that much. The goal is adhesion to the Creator. It is the ultimate level that I am trying to reach. Adhesion is attained through my bestowal to Him and His bestowal to me.

However, in order to bestow to one another, we need to receive from one another. Otherwise, there will not be a connection between us. And in order for us to have a connection with mutual reception and bestowal, we need love for one another. Love is the means. Reception and bestowal also are means. They all are means for attaining adhesion.

The action itself does not matter. When I love someone and this person loves me, does it really matter whether we bestow to one another or receive? We simply enjoy one another! The mother receives so much pleasure from an infant who receives from her. Of course she gives to him, but he gives her so much more. What does he give her? He only demands, screams, and soils diapers. Yet at the same time, he gives her the opportunity to enjoy. Everyone understands this very well, there is no need to explain this.

The spiritual world is characterized by somewhat similar actions that we observe in the material world. However, their entire meaning lies in the intention: why I do all these things. The action itself, giving or receiving, does not matter at all.

An even better example: A person takes a knife and cuts through someone’s stomach. His intention determines everything. If he does it in the interest of the other, his actions are those of a doctor; if he is driven by his own interest, he acts as a thief or a killer. This is the entire difference.

An action can only be evaluated according to its intention: Why was it done, what was its purpose? You keep discussing whether to receive or bestow. What’s the difference? What matters is why you do it, whether you want to give pleasure or receive it.

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/10, Article “Matan Torah”

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  2. How do I pray for the correct intention?

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