The Majority Of Society And A Chosen Few

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Works of Rabash, Vol.3, Dargot Sulam Articles, pg. 1774 (abridged): With regard to spiritual attainment, the society is divided into the majority and a chosen few. The majority need to be educated, taught how to mechanically observe the Torah and commandments. The education that a person receives compels him to perform these actions.

A person justifies his actions, why he performs them, by citing the way he was educated which includes the customs he learned from the environment in which he was raised. This is why education, habit, does not allow a person to refrain from keeping customs, since habit becomes a second nature. Therefore, all the habits, words, and actions that a person acquires as a result of education are not difficult to observe.

However, if a person wants to perform actions that he hasn’t become accustomed to in his childhood, his body questions every, most minute action: “Why are you doing this?” or, in other words, “What makes you do it?” If a person does not receive support from the environment, he has to look for it in the Creator.

This is why such a person is chosen and doesn’t belong to the majority. He needs the Creator’s support, as it is said, “One who comes to cleanse himself (of egoism), receives help from Above.” He is unable to receive help from the environment and thus compels help to come from Above.

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  1. Well said,
    just want to add that this “chosen one” still has to DO
    the actions (Mitzvot), it’s just that he has the benefit of not doing them by rote since childhood and he can be way more conscious about what he is doing.

    Action alone (without kavanah) does not accomplish much,
    however it’s the action that is the foundation of avodah, all intentions and Torah learning not built on action are like fourth floor built in the air.

    Actually I’ll correct myself – apparently Rav Shimon bar Yochai didn’t do the (positive) mitzvot while in the cave.
    When i’m on his level, I’ll try this too, bli neder 🙂

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