The Whole Day Is Preparation For One Hour Of Study

Laitman_013_01A question I received: Should the work on the intention during The Zohar study begin during the day, long before the lesson?

My Answer: One should work on the intention all the time. The world is arranged in such a way that we are in contact with the group and the studies only for a brief interval of time.

Thousands of people from around the world are watching the lesson right now. Many are listening to simultaneous translations. There are those who can barely even understand the translation, since it’s available only in the main languages. However, it makes no difference for their spiritual advancement. With regard to The Zohar, we all are in an equal position. We come to the lesson like to a gas station. We fill ourselves with the Light and then live in it during the remaining hours.

Our world is purposely arranged in such a way that we work for one third of our lives, sleep for the other third of it, and waste another third on various nonsense. Only an hour or two remain, which we tear away from our sleep and use it to study.

However, when we begin to study, we need to understand that our whole life is arranged correctly, and we shouldn’t work just for the lack of a better choice. The Creator purposely organized this process for us. If we come to the lesson even for an hour, this should be enough to remain in adhesion with the goal for the twenty-three remaining hours and to prepare our desires for that one hour of study.

More than 2000 years ago in the Negev desert there lived a person by the name of Bar Bi Yoma (a student for one day). He was a peasant who worked in the fields. When his work was done for the season and he could leave his home, he walked to Jerusalem. After the journey to Jerusalem, he would have only one day available to study the Torah; the next day he would hurry back home to work.

In honor of this person, there is a custom today for everyone to study for one day out of the year. Back then sages said that his studying for one day was equal in value to continuous study over the course of a year because he would aspire to this day throughout the whole year.

Therefore, if we await this one hour of the lesson for the twenty-three remaining hours of a day, all 24 hours are counted in our favor. This shows us how many hours are necessary to prepare the desire for one hour of studying.

Thus everything depends on preparation. We should spend all the other hours preparing ourselves for one hour of the Zohar lesson.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Study 4/23/10, The Zohar

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