Who Observes the Creator’s Reality?

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: Who is that observer, who sees the Creator’s reality?

My Answer: It is the desire to receive. This desire in the fourth stage (Dalet) of its four-step development has the quality of being able to see itself in a way different from the desire to receive on the inanimate, vegetative, or animate levels. On these levels, the desire feels only itself, and sees all of its inner parts: the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and the human being in this world, from within itself.

The desire to receive, which has developed to the fourth stage, has another part, which is called “the point in the heart” – a “particle of the Creator above” from which it can also observe. This point of observation is new, and from this point, it sees itself as though from the side of the Creator.

It is only necessary to see this point to give it great importance, stamina, and scope. All this is carried out by extracting this point from within oneself and “gluing” it to others.

Those “others” merely exist in one’s imagination. In reality, nothing exists outside of the person. However, this is how we feel as a consequence of the breaking.

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  1. Can or should one glue this point to all other beings ?
    My problem is that some people are not worthy, by that I mean that they treat others terribly, they don’t appreciate anything, take things other people do for them for granted and on top of that, they start to talk bad about these people who help them behind their back. In fact, sometimes I feel that my cat is more worthy of my attention then those kinds of people.
    Or are we ment to find a groupe of like-minded people and be nice to one another and hope there is harmony where there often isn’t one in society as a whole ? Is that going to be enough here ?
    I’m sorry if I myself sound mean, I’m just tired of being taken advantage of.

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