Creating The Creator From The Breaking

Dr. Michael Laitman The breaking creates an imaginary reality, space, and distances. Parts of Malchut drew away from each other during the breaking of the common soul. It is in this space between its parts that I differentiate myself and others, those who are close to me and those who are far away. Within this sphere, I imagine a distance between these separated parts, which are not connected as one whole.

Thus, it is as a result of the breaking that I feel this reality. If such a reality did not exist, I would not be able to work on drawing closer and connecting to others. I would not have had an opportunity to attain something. After all, my whole attainment comes from an aspiration to learn, “What is this?”  And then I draw closer to the object that interests me, much like a little child that brings everything to his mouth, his most developed sense, in order to taste it.

Since the breaking exists, I first begin to egoistically strive to adjoin individual parts to myself, and then I wish to unite with them in bestowal. If I wish to unite with them egoistically, then I wish to attain only my inner sensations. However, if I wish to unite with others in bestowal to them, I thereby attain the Light that vanished during the breaking. I wish to fill the gap between us with this Light.

I build an image of the Creator within the desires (Kelim), which are distant from one another. I fill this empty space between them with my Reflected Light. This means that I build an image of the Creator. Therefore, the Creator (Bore) is called “Come and See” (Bo-Re), since I create Him.

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  1. The completion of The Goal of Creation is a testament to the beautiful design in absolutely everything. How we are to continually wake up, appreciate all of this to the fullest extent and recognize the reciprocal nature between the Light and the vessel is such a super logic and beautiful and exalted work that the graciousness can’t be conceived of in the human mind without much care and diligence.

    This, this attention, this Intention, we pray is for The Creator and that we will rid ourselves of personal fantasies and interests that detract from wholeness and observation towards unity and correction of a broken MAN.

    Love and care be in all of your efforts,


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