The Zohar In Any Language

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: Do you have any recommendations to enhance the effects of reading The Zohar text while listening to the simultaneous translation during the daily Kabbalah lesson?

My Answer: People who gather around a Hebrew text reader unite even though they have no command of any other languages other than their native tongues; they sense how much the words of The Zohar influence, correct, and fill them.

We stay within a system that is called “The Zohar.” The Zohar is not just a book. Each of its words “presses” some buttons and triggers its elements to move. This is how we launch it. We have no idea what this system really is. Even if we knew the correct, clear, and accurate translation of each word, we wouldn’t know a thing. We don’t know what we activate by pressing the buttons.

Therefore, an accurate and beautiful translation into any language won’t help much. For a person who speaks Hebrew and for whom it is his/her native language, it becomes even more complicated. They listen to the familiar words, but don’t know what they mean.

If you heard a translation of my current words you would hear some abstract sounds, and yet you would strive to reach the spirituality that is hidden behind my words. Those who hear these sounds and at the same time understand what I say feel as if they are already satisfied. It is as if their desire to be pleased has been filled and they have received something. For them, it is much harder to penetrate deeper into the inner meaning of the words. They think about the “earthly” meaning of words in The Zohar like “banners,” “people,” “animals,” and “colors.” They listen to the text and draw pictures in their imagination.

But you don’t. You hear an alien language without any understanding of its meaning. That’s why you can link anything you want to the words you hear. You can be sure that we talk about the soul, the spiritual conditions under which it becomes filled with the Light, and about the revelation of the spiritual world. Imagine! It is the best!

After you learn Hebrew, it becomes more difficult for you. There is an advantage in NOT knowing the language. The mixture of the languages happened specifically to help us connect with each other. This “perversity” triggers the connection among us. In fact, it is not a perversity; but rather, a revelation of the remedy that helps to establish a union among us.

It seems to us that the mixture of the languages happened for the sake of separation. It is not true. It occurred intentionally to make our connection possible at the spiritual level rather than at the level of “everyday common language.” It is worth confusing our worldly relations to the extent of being unable to communicate with each other if, as a result of this confusion, we wish to attain a “heart-to-heart connection.”

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