The Spiritual Center Of Humanity’s Common Organism

Kabbalah Convention We don’t have to wait for the whole world to awaken to the spiritual correction. Rather, the people who have already awakened must create a pact or correct union among themselves and advance in this manner. Then more and more people will gradually begin to join this union.

Our concern should be how to attain unity among those who are able to accomplish it and how to connect all the organs of the common organism together. They will breathe new life into the organism and will deliver the Upper Light to us, which will begin flowing through the whole organism. Then, thanks to the work of this spiritual center, the Light will spread through it to the entire common system, and all the other souls will awaken as well.

One Comment

  1. I am open to being a part of this collective. It seems as though the process has started with me in some form. I have had many individuals from within my country and from other countries far away who seek union with me. The beauty of it is that I choose to know each one on an intimate level as well. Maybe I have some type of internal light magnet that has been activated. It’s quite exciting, and I’m ready for whatever my role requires of me.

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