The Remedy For All Illnesses

Dr. Michael Laitman If we attain a state where all parts of the desire that was created by the Creator unite together, then we will feel the general harmony within them. We won’t only stop feeling illnesses, misfortunes, and problems, which are caused by a lack of connection between the parts of the common desire, but we will feel our existence as perfect and eternal. According to the plan of creation, we will definitely reach this state. The only question is: When? And the answer depends on us.

Right now it’s difficult for us to understand the meaning of “eternal life” and what will happen to our bodies then; will they continue to exist or not? Our desire won’t disappear, but the body is a manifestation of a desire on a specific level. We will feel that this desire acquires its eternal form.

The harmony of the connection among all parts of reality will give us a sensation of a perfect, eternal world. The entire existence of the single, great world, as well as each one of us, depends only on the correct connection among us. Whether we are talking about a separate individual, society, or the whole world, we must only establish the right connection between the parts and the whole. This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us to do.

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