The Rules Of “The Game”

Dr. Michael Laitman A question I received: What are the rules of the “game” the Creator “plays” with a person to advance one to spirituality?

My Answer: The only rule of the “game” is that the Creator has a singular intention: to bring us closer to Him. In this “game,” the Creator presents us with different circumstances all with the aim of drawing us closer to Him.

The Creator purposefully grows our egoistic desires. At this point, we start to feel “merciless,” confused, and hard-hearted. We feel that the whole world is against us, that everybody around us hates us, and wants to get in our way. We feel tired, bewildered, and even sick. In other words, we sense a lot of “obstacles” that are both inner and outer in nature. Yet, in fact, these obstacles are the additions of egoistic desires; we’re simply receiving additional desires to receive pleasure for ourselves through which we obtain further opportunities to become closer to the Creator.

Usually, these opportunities come to us along with unexpected complications and problems. Typically, they are accompanied by inexplicable fears. We become scared of the people around us and/or of the authorities. The Creator is clothed in these situations and images that look like the realms of our world. People interpret these situations like children who are afraid of the whole world around them. In these circumstances, it is crucial to use the books, lessons, and our environment and group to strengthen ourselves.

We have to always keep one thought in mind: “There is none else besides Him” and “He is good that does good.” It is challenging to maintain this thought. The Creator’s game is far too artful and skillful for us to “out play” Him. He knows how to confuse us at our level to such an extent that we need to apply a lot of effort in order to stay on our Path and to rid ourselves of any thought that there is any other force beside Him in this world.

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