Building Our Spiritual Incubator

Dr. Michael Laitman We cannot abide without the wisdom of Kabbalah that puts us directly across from the Creator. It explains how to study Him, how to build an incubator for our development, and how to employ the data from nature. We need this wisdom because we can’t create something from nothing; rather, we have to organize the forces given to us by nature.

If we don’t do it on our own the Creator helps us. If we don’t build the environment (the incubator for our development) using certain forces as we need to, the Creator shows us, but He does so from the opposite side. In this way, He demonstrates to us that our relationships with these forces are deceptive and false.

The Creator builds an incubator for us, but from our perspective, it looks broken. As we start to reveal its structure, we see that it is our attitude that is broken, not the incubator. The incubator is fine. As soon as we change our attitude, it begins to work; it takes good care of us and provides us the chance to become future “nestlings.” Its operation depends on our participation. This state is opposite to prior inanimate, vegetative and animate stages during which nature worked, not us.

At this time, we have to make our own investigations and research and voluntarily launch this system. In other words, we build a mechanism that replaces the Creator! If we succeed, we become similar to Him! We continue the work that He purposefully left unfinished for us to finish. I construct this machine with the help of the forces He gave us; I am the one who builds the Creator and thus becomes more knowledgeable and understanding, similar to Him.

The Creator (the Light that Reforms), the surroundings, the teacher, and the Kabbalah books (anything that enhances our spiritual development) become our spiritual incubator. It should be optimally organized to let the Creator take care of us and bring us to the perfect state, which means that He alters us to become similar to Him. This process becomes an incubator for spiritual nestlings; this is how we should treat our souls.

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  1. I came to the same conclusions without reading anything about it. The point seems to be, we always incubate something – and we even do not know what it is. Distractions, Temptations, Confusion. We lack the spiritual discernment to clearly recognize, what it is , where it comes from and what follows. We fight each other as we sit in different Incubators and each one claims to be the real and right one. This conflict destroys us all.

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