The Intention That Provides Strength

solitude The science of Kabbalah talks extensively about intentions: what we should think about, aspire to, and desire. However, in actuality, the goal is the correction of the breaking in our root, the breaking that separated the root into many parts or souls. Thus, the correction consists of uniting the souls. This is the most important intention, which should be present in all of our actions.

With this intention, our perception of reality will change, along with our attitude to life, this world, the spiritual world, the Creator, ourselves, and our surroundings. The most important thing is to desire to unite and to connect with each other while correcting the connection between us, changing it from rejection and hatred to unification and love, so that the Creator would be revealed inside this connection.

This should also be the main intention while studying The Book of Zohar because it gives us strength with which we can really correct the breaking in us

One Comment

  1. I feel only the desire to feel the connection with all others from the group. But my perception of reality also changed because even in my mudane corporeal life unless i correct all my intentions towards people i feel bad, so it gives me more desire to change myself completely allowing the Light that Reforms do the job correcting us and uniting even more with the group. I can’t feel myself anymore without the group without this connection.

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