Let Me Be Together with Everyone

bees Soon, the science of Kabbalah will be in high demand because without it a person will not be able to survive in the completely global world. It will become increasingly apparent that we have no desires or qualities that match or are appropriate for the world that is currently being revealed to us.

The Light from The Book of Zohar creates a sensation and understanding in us of global oneness. From that, we receive an opportunity to understand this world, to see it correctly through the matrix, which the Light creates in us. Then further, we want the force of nature, which established the global world that is being revealed to us now, to affect us in the same manner and make us suitable for it. We want our inner system to be similar to the system of nature that surrounds us.

Previously, it always seemed to me that I was above nature and that I controlled it. However, now I understand that this is not so, and I want to unite with nature, which is global, integral, huge, whole, and perfect. I want to use its integral force, its oneness. Now, I see that I am the only corrupted element, its only part that is not integral. Only my ego separates me from nature.

So let the force of nature abolish my egoism and allow me to be together with everyone! I see my redemption in this!

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