The Control Panel Of Spiritual Development

timeThe most important thing when reading The Book of Zohar is to keep yourself naive and simple in regard to it. This book is so lofty and great that in relation to it we are like little children who have been given an encyclopedia and are hardly able to turn the pages.
We don’t understand any of what is written in The Zohar. However, this is irrelevant. If you study it to the extent that you are able to, then you will receive a great influence of the Light contained in this book.

You are not just reading or listening about what is written in a book, but it is as though you are standing by a touchscreen of a computer which is controlled by the touch of a finger. This is how The Book of Zohar works. By looking at some word, it is as though you press it and put a certain system into gear. By reading or listening to some word from The Book of Zohar, you “press” it and draw an illumination (Ohr Makif) upon yourself from its spiritual root.

This continues word by word, one illumination after another. In addition, The Zohar is written in such a way that it knows how to advance you. In the spiritual world we grow in the same manner as babies grow in our material world, naturally and instinctively. Much like a baby is affected by outside influence, simply opening up to it, we need to open ourselves up to the spiritual influence. As a consequence of this influence, we will acquire spiritual sensations and intellect.

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