5 Minutes Of Light From The Daily Kabbalah Lesson: What’s In Your Heart?



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  1. Rav, it is evident in the fervor and expedience in which you push and prepare the group as if you sense impending potential doom for humanity. It is quite interesting that some of the “new testament” biblical scholars have pinpointed the so-called judgement day. And that day is May 21, 2011 just about a year from now. These people are not crack-pots but rather respectable in their sincere devotion to their own work of the “new” testament . You can see this evident at familyradio.com. They also say it will be earthquakes the magnitude we have never seen before, and everywhere. I do not necessarily lend credence to any of the mayan calendar stuff … yet, one must lend some credence to the “biblical” scholars in regard to May 21, 2011 … any thoughts on this?

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