House Of Assembly And House Of Study

Dr. Michael Laitman The House of Assembly (Beit Knesset – synagogue) and the House of Study (Beit Midrash – request) are the rungs inside a person where he can fit all his questions, explanations, desires, and thoughts. The House of Assembly is a place for gathering all the means for achieving the goal. It is where he tries to pray near the Amud (column), the middle line. The House of Study is an even higher rung, like two rungs: return in trembling and return with love.

In the beginning, we acquire the forces of bestowal and after that we already can work with them by receiving for the sake of bestowal. The House of Assembly is a place where I gather all the forces to ask for and to achieve the property of bestowal, while the House of Study (Midrash – request) is where I am the one who begins to request and reveal the Light of Hochma inside the Light of Hassadim.

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