Building An Instrument To Tune Into The Light

Dr. Michael Laitman Before creation reaches a state of fulfillment, there is a prerequisite process of obtaining a desire to get fulfilled. Everyday examples of this preparation for the anticipation of fulfillment are animals’ mating rituals or our “saving our appetite” for a special meal. The preparatory stage that creates a desire to get fulfilled is always more important that the fulfillment itself because it defines the measure and kind of pleasure we eventually experience.

In spirituality, everything depends on the desire since the Light (Pleasure) is everlastingly unlimited and absolutely tranquil. It completely fills the space around us at each given moment. What we lack is a desire to receive It and the tools to perceive It.

However, a desire to get the Light is being built in us gradually by adding “spices”: “pepper,” “salt,” “mustard,” and other “seasonings” that stimulate our appetite. It’s similar to a game of “flirting,” that the Creator plays with us by repeatedly letting us taste the pleasure and then taking it away from us. This “game” builds and refines our right attitude towards our future fulfillment.

The Torah is called “a spice” (Torah Tavlin) because it reveals to us the desire, teaches us how to grow it, and then how to correctly fulfill it. Specifically, it leads us toward the right pleasures and fulfillments that await us in the future. At present, we are trying to shape the correct desire with the help of the Torah; without it we won’t be able to sense the Light even though it is all around us.

We don’t have desires that target and help us to reveal the Light yet. It is like a radio that needs to tune into a certain frequency (wavelength) in order to receive the transmitted signal. The radio has to create a wavelength that sufficiently matches the one that exists outside of it, in order to attract the outside wave.

Due to our studies, we receive a small “taste of spiritual flavors” and attract the Light that elevates us, and then it lets us fall. Sometimes it feels good and other times not so good. However, this is how we build a vessel for the Light, a tool for its perception. In other words, we create “a wave” that is similar to the Light that exists outside of us; it is only then that we become able to attain It.

As soon as the “instrument” is ready, it starts to receive the Light. There is no secret to this. It seems a mystery to us only because we don’t see it and our desire is not ready for it yet. This is our only problem. There is nothing that is hidden outside of us; the concealment is within us.

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