All Who Study The Zohar Reawaken Its Light

When engaging in this composition [The Zohar], one evokes the power of the souls and the power of those righteous with the force of Moses. This is so because while engaging in it, they renew the generated Light, which was created during its composition. And Divinity shines and illuminates from that Light as when it was first created. And all who engage in it reawaken that same benefit and that first Light which Rashbi and his friends had revealed while composing it.
– Ohr Yakar (Precious Light), Gate 1, Item 5

Studying the Holy Zohar purifies the body and the soul and is capable of bringing redemption soon in our days.
– Rabbi Efraim Ben Avraham Ardot, Mateh Efraim (Efraim’s Wand), The Tip of the Mateh (wand), Item 23

When a student of The Zohar overcomes the temptation to give up the study under the rough and brute influence of those around him, his soul is fortified by the aspiration to come closer to the Creator despite everything….
Damesek Eliezer, Introduction to Derech Kedusha, Chapter 12

And you shall return and distinguish between a righteous…a servant of God, and one who serves Him not: A servant of God is one who engages in the Talmud and The Zohar. One who does not serve Him engages only in Talmud, and does not engage in The Zohar.
– Maayan Ganim (Fountain of Gardens), Chapter 1, Item 2

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