The Remedy For All Illnesses

Dr. Michael Laitman If we attain a state where all parts of the desire that was created by the Creator unite together, then we will feel the general harmony within them. We won’t only stop feeling illnesses, misfortunes, and problems, which are caused by a lack of connection between the parts of the common desire, but we will feel our existence as perfect and eternal. According to the plan of creation, we will definitely reach this state. The only question is: When? And the answer depends on us.

Right now it’s difficult for us to understand the meaning of “eternal life” and what will happen to our bodies then; will they continue to exist or not? Our desire won’t disappear, but the body is a manifestation of a desire on a specific level. We will feel that this desire acquires its eternal form.

The harmony of the connection among all parts of reality will give us a sensation of a perfect, eternal world. The entire existence of the single, great world, as well as each one of us, depends only on the correct connection among us. Whether we are talking about a separate individual, society, or the whole world, we must only establish the right connection between the parts and the whole. This is what the science of Kabbalah teaches us to do.

The Hidden Mechanism Within The Zohar

Dr. Michael Laitman We need to perform very specialized work under a very specific set of conditions to reveal the influence of the Upper Light upon us. Thus, the absence of any feelings, flavors, or understanding while we study The Zohar doesn’t mean a thing.

You don’t need to feel or understand; you simply need to stay open for the influence of the Light, and let it work on you. The environment has to attune us to the correct desire so that we become eager to be influenced by the Light even if we lack the connection to what we read, taste, or understand.

This is what we call the “miraculous force” (Segula) that is implanted into The Book of Zohar. This hidden mechanism (rather than the stories or words) somehow works on us and moves us forward.

When studying The Zohar we need to “trust the sages,” meaning we need to believe the advice of the Kabbalists. We have to constantly take care of how to align ourselves with the perception of the force that is yet concealed from us.

My Sons Have Defeated Me

Dr. Michael Laitman The Creator has created the desire to receive pleasure, and he renews it every moment. In other words, each time I feel the desire to acquire new pleasures, this is done by the Creator inside me. He pushes and draws me toward all these pleasures. He evokes all the impulses in me and controls me as if a hand inside a glove, instigating new desires in me at every turn.

When I realize these desires, which are given from the Creator without a thought of Who they come from and the reason for them, I am on the still, vegetative, or animate level. However, when the point in the heart awakens in me, I begin to distinguish that it is the Creator who plays with me as if I were a glove on His hand.

Now, I regard everything that happens from within the point in the heart. I discern that it is He who induces me each and every time to acquire new pleasures. Regarding everything from the point in the heart with this awareness is like regarding things from within Him. This is why the point in the heart, which is the embryo of the soul, is called “part of the Creator from Above.” With this point in the heart, I obtain the opportunity to turn the animal within into man.

How do I do this? I do it by working against the Creator, against my nature, and against His hand in me. I refuse to blindly execute everything that He evokes in me. I stop using the desire that He rouses in me and I check the reason and the purpose for continuing to act in the same direction. Even though He wants it, I discover whether I have any kind of independence here. I discover whether I should awaken mechanically and continue to fulfill that same desire that He evokes in me like a hand in a glove or whether I want to stop acting like this and, from this moment on, to act independently. As it is written, “My sons have defeated Me”.

I continue to do the Creator’s actions, but only under the condition that I participate in them in the same direction, the same thought, and the same intention as the Host. I want to reveal Him in this. I want to be partners with Him in absolutely everything and I attain adhesion with Him through this partnership.

Revealing The Giver Of Life

Dr. Michael Laitman The Zohar, ChapterBeHukotai (In My Statutes),” Item 45: “I will never again curse the ground on account of man.” “I will never again,” meaning I will not give addition to the litigants to destroy the world, but only add as much as the world can bear. It is written about that, “then I will [chastise you] more,” meaning add what the world can bear.

This describes how we advance. The whole process consists of Malchut rising to Bina and then descending back from Bina. Then it rises to Bina again, and descends back again. All these movements, these oscillations, are meant to give us sensations.

After all, we cannot feel our reality in Malchut or in Bina; we can only feel it in the connection between them. We feel reality in the coefficient of their connection; that is, in the changes of Malchut’s inclusion into Bina and Bina’s inclusion into Malchut.

More simply, we feel ourselves only under the condition that we move between Malchut and Bina. When the relationships between them change in us, then the variable correlation between Malchut and Bina also changes in us, and it is these changes that we perceive as life.

Conversely, if this correlation ceases to change or becomes still, we would feel this as death. In this state, all the sensations and gradations of qualities vanish. Therefore, on one hand, we feel life in the process of change of Malchut’s inclusion into Bina, and Bina’s inclusion into Malchut, and the unifications between them. On the other hand, this gives us heavy and unpleasant sensations, and the lack of patience. However, this is precisely where we feel life. Therefore, in order to live, we are forced to survive. We are unable to part with life and so we prefer movement.

In spirituality this movement reaches a state within which we reveal the Creator. It is the state, from which life comes to us and provides movement, strength, and the changes in the connections between Malchut and Bina and in the ascents of Malchut into Bina.

When we reveal Who does this, Who creates these changes, and for what purpose all these changes occur in us, we rise above these movements, above the changes in us, and we merge with the Giver of life. Thereby we begin to feel at rest. After all, we then feel that this movement is necessary for creation, and without it creation is unable to feel the Creator.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 03.17.10

Preparation to the Study of The Zohar
In the spiritual world we’ll learn to join contradictions. When we attain the entire picture then black and white, darkness and light will become as one whole.
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The Book of Zohar — Selections, Chapter “VaYaera (And The Lord Appeared),” Item 1
A “human” is the final stage of the desire’s development, which allows for the attainment of the creation in the full scope.
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Article — “The Individual and The Nation,” Lesson 2
If you have been awakened, don’t wait for all of humanity to wake up. Unite with those that are awake and by doing so you’ll help everyone.
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“Beit Shaar HaKavanot,” Item 36, Lesson 12
By properly arranging the order of priorities in the surroundings, I create a straight line that leads straight to the Creator.
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