My Sons Have Defeated Me

Dr. Michael Laitman The Creator has created the desire to receive pleasure, and he renews it every moment. In other words, each time I feel the desire to acquire new pleasures, this is done by the Creator inside me. He pushes and draws me toward all these pleasures. He evokes all the impulses in me and controls me as if a hand inside a glove, instigating new desires in me at every turn.

When I realize these desires, which are given from the Creator without a thought of Who they come from and the reason for them, I am on the still, vegetative, or animate level. However, when the point in the heart awakens in me, I begin to distinguish that it is the Creator who plays with me as if I were a glove on His hand.

Now, I regard everything that happens from within the point in the heart. I discern that it is He who induces me each and every time to acquire new pleasures. Regarding everything from the point in the heart with this awareness is like regarding things from within Him. This is why the point in the heart, which is the embryo of the soul, is called “part of the Creator from Above.” With this point in the heart, I obtain the opportunity to turn the animal within into man.

How do I do this? I do it by working against the Creator, against my nature, and against His hand in me. I refuse to blindly execute everything that He evokes in me. I stop using the desire that He rouses in me and I check the reason and the purpose for continuing to act in the same direction. Even though He wants it, I discover whether I have any kind of independence here. I discover whether I should awaken mechanically and continue to fulfill that same desire that He evokes in me like a hand in a glove or whether I want to stop acting like this and, from this moment on, to act independently. As it is written, “My sons have defeated Me”.

I continue to do the Creator’s actions, but only under the condition that I participate in them in the same direction, the same thought, and the same intention as the Host. I want to reveal Him in this. I want to be partners with Him in absolutely everything and I attain adhesion with Him through this partnership.

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