We Have Civilizations Within Us

Civilizations Exist Inside UsA question I received: I’ve heard you say something like no civilizations of the past are seen in the “revealed.” Does it mean that everything scientists are now finding (in support of a theory of the earlier civilizations) appears in our senses as a reality that we ourselves are demanding? In other words, the external forces react to our demands by creating more new “decorations.”

My Answer: You’re absolutely right! As a result of the descent from spirituality, when the desire created by the Creator reached its lowest level, it perceived within itself what we feel as “me” and the world surrounding us (as external to “me”). The processes and the internal changes started being perceived as time, space and movement (again, external to “me”). This is how a person perceives that something had already existed before he appeared. But who actually sensed it? Without senses, nothing exists. Everything exists in our imagination, in our senses. Read the article “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” item 34.

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  1. That is a very good and enlightening answer. “The processes and internal changes started being perceived as time,space and movement(again external to “me”).Very true. Rav Michael Laitman gives always a very clear and satisfactory answer.  I am amazed that he has always the right answers that satisfy us and make us more understand and feel and see and perceive the Wisdom of Kabbalah and what a great Revelation is to the World today. That makes smile happily and feels us with great joy.

  2. Can you predict with the wisdom of Kabbalah if the theoretical phenomena of time travel is possible?

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