The Physics of the Upper Light

The Physics of the Upper LightAn Attack: How does the Upper Light become a fabric of our world? Do you know it for a fact? — No, you don’t! So here’s my proposal to correct this flaw in Kabbalah. If the singularity of substance and the Upper Light, Partzufim and Sefirot, was to be shown scientifically, then the Kabbalah teaching would conquer the world! But unless physics becomes part of Kabbalah, then it’s never going to happen.

An Attempt to Justify Myself: Who’s being categorical today? The singularity of substance and the Upper Light — No! It’s not that you don’t perceive the Upper Light because it’s hidden – the Upper Light simply doesn’t exist at all until you create it within yourself. Moreover, you lack the corresponding senses needed to create the Upper Light within yourself, and thus, you need to develop these senses. Kabbalah is the method of developing these senses. It reveals the Upper World to you, helping you develop the properties within which you create the Upper World for yourself.

Our world is something that our natural senses, given to us from birth, create within us. That what we perceive (picture) within these senses is referred to as “matter” – our world.

The Upper World is something that is created (pictured, depicted) within us by the spiritual senses that we acquire through Kabbalah. What we perceive through the spiritual senses is referred to as “the Light.”

The science of Kabbalah will never defeat the science of our world, because we perceive science and Kabbalah through two totally different systems: the corporeal and the spiritual.

So how is it going to happen? People will simply come to realize that their sensations, received through their natural senses (the corporeal life, our world), are unfulfilled, and that corporeal science, which is supposed to improve these sensations, is futile. People will reject both science and their sensations, and will hold onto them only to the extent needed for survival until they create the necessary properties, and accordingly, the sensations of the Upper World within themselves. They will then turn to the science of Kabbalah, which is the creation of an eternal and perfect world (sensation) within themselves.

You can try it out for yourself. Many people have already achieved this sensation.

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